Conditions générales

Article 1

1.1. These general conditions of travel tickets Internet sales determine the conditions under which the provider of ticket sales service Get By ApS. (hereinafter Get By ApS) will provide the service of travel tickets sales to the passenger (hereinafter the Buyer and/or Passenger) on its website GetByFerry.

1.2. In the event that the Buyer and the Passenger are not the same person, by accepting the General Terms and Conditions, the buyer is obliged to refer the passenger to the General Terms and Conditions and thus the passenger also agrees to them.

1.3. The GetByFerry Terms and Conditions apply unless otherwise stated during the checkout process where you have to accept the terms and conditions of the following companies too:

Article 2

Online ticket purchase

2.1. It is considered that a contract of carriage between the passenger and the ferry company as well as a contract of mediation between passenger and Get By ApS is concluded after a successful payment transaction, after which the ticket and corresponding invoice shall be sent to the email address provided during the purchase process. In order to make a successful purchase, a successful completion of the payment module is necessary. In case the electronic payment is not completed, the purchase will be deleted.

2.2. The Buyer is obliged to contact the customer service of GetByAps if they haven’t received the ticket via email, no later than 24 hours before the departure time indicated on the purchased ticket.

2.3. On the website GetByFerry , it is for now possible to purchase one type of ticket:

  • Passenger tickets

It is possible to purchase as many individual passenger tickets as you want, for as long as there’s enough space for your group on the fast ferry or in the car ferry which will be displayed on the website during the purchase process.

2.4. After having purchased and received the ticket on his e-mail address or through the “My ticket” section at, the Buyer is obligated to prepare the ticket according to the carrier’s requirements (printed or M-ticket). An "M-ticket" is a "mobile ticket," a digital ticket stored on a smartphone or tablet, often in the form of a QR code or barcode, eliminating the need for a physical ticket. The buyer is required to print the ticket only if specified during the checkout process.

2.5. The Buyer is responsible for the immediate inspection of the ticket to ensure its accuracy. You must immediately notify Us of any potential errors, defects, or incorrect information appearing on the ticket, in order to allow for the timely correction of such travel documents by contacting Our customer service team here. Any error on the ticket must be reported no later than 24 hours before the departure time indicated on the purchased ticket. All errors reported after the specified deadline cannot be corrected and the buyer is obliged to purchase a new ticket.

2.6. During the reservation process, a booking fee is going to be applied for each passenger ticket. When booking directly on our website, we charge a booking fee for our service provided to you under these Terms and Conditions of Use. The service fees vary and will be displayed at the time of booking. When using a foreign currency, foreign transaction fees may also apply. Please note that Our Service Fees are (non-)refundable.

2.7. Unless otherwise specified, the following services are not included in the purchase price:

2.7.1. Port charges (Lučka naknada) are not included within the price of the ferry ticket, and it is possible that some of them charge an extra fee to enter the premises of the ferry port. 

2.7.2. Luggage fee, depending on the ferry company rules, might be charged extra if it surpasses certain dimensions or weight determined by the ferry company. Normally they’re referring to the larger items or bicycles for example.

Article 3

3.1. The ticket can be downloaded under “My ticket” at; to access “My tickets”, the Customer has to “Sign In” to the account either by using Google account or the username and password used to create an account on upon the purchase of the ticket. will also send the ticket by E-mail, directly after the purchase, however cannot guarantee that the mail is actually delivered to the Customer's mail account. One copy of the ticket is handed to the crew upon boarding the ferry. GetByFerry cannot be held liable if a passenger fails to provide the correct email address, resulting in non-receipt of the ticket.

3.2. You are solely responsible for preventing the unauthorized access and use of Your credit cards, payment methods, Your GBF account, and Your devices. You shall maintain the confidentiality of Your GBF account credentials, and You agree to accept responsibility for any and all activities or actions that occur under Your GBF account. You accept all responsibility for any consequences, whether financial or otherwise, resulting from, or otherwise arising out of, use of the Services through Your account or using Your payment methods.

3.3. Upon boarding the ferry, the Buyer is required to present their tickets in accordance with the specifications stipulated by the ferry company, which has to be submitted to the ferry staff as well as the document that proves that the Buyer is the person to whom the ticket is addressed.

3.4. If the Buyer, having purchased a ticket online, chose some of the discounts  (children, pensioners or other discount available), upon boarding the ferry he is required to prove that he belongs to the discounted category he chose. If the Buyer does not prove this, he is obliged to pay the full price of the ticket to the crew or the ticket is considered invalid and the Buyer loses any right to a refund of the money paid for the ticket.

3.5. If the ticket comes with any additional document or notices, the Buyer needs to obey them and complete whatever is stated and required in order to travel and board the ferry accordingly. Passengers are required to provide valid documentation, such as a student card, proof of pension status for seniors, and visas when applicable.Passengers are responsible for verifying the validity of their documents and are solely responsible for crossing the border.

3.6. The ferry ticket is booked on the name and surname of the Buyer and / or the Passenger and is not transferable.

Article 4

4.1. The Transport service is provided by the carrier stated on the ferry ticket, and in case the line is operated by more carriers in co-operation, all of the carriers will be stated on the ticket.

4.2. The Carrier provides transport services for the Customer and is therefore the enforcer within the meaning of the Passenger Transport Act. With the conclusion of the contract (Purchase of a ticket), the Customer is entitled to use transport services of the Carrier according to the booking carried out at GetByFerry will do its utmost to insure, but cannot guarantee the proper fulfillment of the contract between the Customer and Carrier. The terms and conditions of the carrier operating the line apply for the transportation service.

4.3. The passenger is obliged to be at the place of departure specified in the file called "Boarding-info" no later than 45 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

4.4. The transport of weapons, highly flammable, poisonous, radioactive, explosive objects and objects with an unpleasant smell is prohibited on the ferry and in the luggage.

4.5. The company is not responsible for fragile luggage and is not responsible in case of theft / damage of hand luggage.

4.6. If the passenger is a minor, the passenger, parent and / or buyer is obliged to inquire about the rules of travel of the minor in the competent services before the travel of the minor passenger.

4.7. The carrier preserves the right to exclude passengers from the journey who by their conduct disturb other passengers or who do not comply with the rules of public order in the ferry during the journey. The carrier is not obliged to refund the funds for the purchased ticket.

4.8. Should GetByApS, its agents, or contractual partners become incapable of fulfilling their duties due to the impact of force majeure events that arise subsequent to the transport service being ordered, we shall be deemed relieved of our obligations under these General Terms and Conditions.

Force majeure events are those beyond our accountability or influence that significantly impede our ability to render services. Examples include natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, extreme weather conditions, strikes, severe traffic congestion, restrictions on road usage, significant public gatherings such as marathons or rallies, governmental actions, military activities, and similar occurrences.

4.9. Get By ApS. shall not be liable for failure or delay of performance of any of its obligations hereunder if such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, natural disasters, fires, earthquake or storm, strikes, failures of public utilities or common carriers, acts of war, or intervention, acts restraints or regulations of any governmental authority, including compliance with any order of any governmental considerations; provided that any such delay or failure shall be remedied as soon as possible using reasonable efforts after removal of the cause of such failure.

Article 5

5.1. Through frequent updates does its utmost to secure the correctness of the timetables online. However, we can not guarantee and we are not liable for the correctness of the information, any action taken based on information found on is your own responsibility. If you have any doubts about which departure time to choose, please consult our customer support for advice which you can do here.

5.2. Lines buyable online on Timetables and prices for these lines have been confirmed and published for sale by the company providing the transportation service.

5.3. If there is a difference between the online timetable and the time printed on the ticket, the time on the ticket is the valid one.

5.4. In case of a planned or necessary timetable change, GetByFerry will inform the Customer via the email provided upon the ticket purchase. It is the obligation of the Customer to check the email 12 hours prior to the departure, to check whether there are any announced changes in the timetable.

5.5. Having purchased a ticket for a ferry line including one or more countries, the customer is obligated to bring a valid passport and, if needed, a valid travel visa.

5.6. Having purchased a ticket, the Customer accepts that minor changes in the timetable might occur, e.g. in cases of delays or other circumstances not caused by negligence of the carrier. Delays in arrival, particularly during high season, are to be expected and fall within the scope of minor changes. 

Minor changes are defined as adjustments to the service that do not significantly alter the overall provision of the scheduled transportation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Slight Adjustments to the Schedule: Changes in departure or arrival times that do not exceed 20 minutes from the originally scheduled times.

  • Minor Deviations in the Route: Alterations to the travel path that do not significantly extend the total travel time or bypass key destinations/stops.

  • Substitutions of Vehicles: Replacement of the originally planned vehicle with another that meets or exceeds the same safety and comfort standards, without significantly affecting the travel experience.

  • Modifications to Boarding Pier: Changes in the locations of boarding or disembarking that are within a reasonable walking distance (500 meters) of the original pier.

  • Adjustments to Onboard Services: Variations in the amenities provided during the trip, provided they do not detract from the basic service level promised at the time of purchase.

In the event of a late departure or a fully booked service, the carrier reserves the right to re-book the Customer to the next available departure within a reasonable timeframe from the original scheduled departure time, without being considered a breach of contract.

5.7. In case of cancellation or considerable delay, the Client will receive a refund. 

A considerable delay is defined as a delay in the scheduled departure from the first route station of more than 90 minutes for domestic ferry lines, and more than 120 minutes for international ferry lines. This definition applies to delays caused by factors within the carrier's control and excludes delays resulting from force majeure events, weather-related issues, or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the carrier's direct control.

In the event of a considerable delay as defined above, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the ticket price, or alternative arrangements may be offered by the carrier, such as re-booking onto the next available service at no additional cost to the Customer. The choice between a refund and alternative arrangements lies solely with the Customer.

Article 6

6.1. Ferry tickets can usually be purchased on the website within a period of 6-24 hours before the trip but deadlines vary depending on the carrier and occupancy of a specific ferry line.

6.2. In the event that the Buyer purchases a ticket within 24 hours of departure, they acknowledge and accept the associated risk of being unable to modify or cancel the ticket in accordance with article 7 of our General Terms.

Article 7

Ticket cancellation and rebooking 

During the checkout process, all relevant terms and conditions are explicitly outlined, as well as the cancellation policy, and regulations governing ticket modifications.

7.1. Ticket cancellation

7.1.1. Amendable tickets

A full or partial refund for the paid tickets (minus service fee), except for the non-refundable ones (see below), is possible under the following circumstances:

  1. Passengers have to request the refund minimum 48 hours prior to the departure time stated on the original ticket

  2. The refund request should be sent on email using the contact form on The Buyer is required to submit the cancellation request from the original email address provided during the ticket purchase process.

Cancellation shall be carried out by deducting a service fee of 20% of the total price of the purchased ticket. A ticket refund less than 48 hours before the departure stated on the original ticket is not possible.

**However, as stated in the article 1.3., there are some cases where different cancellation fees apply:

  • Jadrolinija tickets are cancelled and refunded with a total fee amount consisting of: 10% fee taken from the individual ticket price + the booking fee applied during the checkout process determined by GetByFerry.

NOTE: These Terms and Conditions have been composed in accordance with the Regulation (EU) No 1177/2010. NOTE: Special rules apply if the ferry is canceled.

7.1.2. Non-refundable tickets

A non-refundable ticket is as the term itself suggests NON-refundable!  During the checkout process it will be stated if a ticket is non-refundable.

7.2. Rebooking of the purchased tickets

Please keep in mind that this is always subject to the terms and conditions of the corresponding third-party provider, which may be more restrictive.During the checkout process, all relevant terms and conditions are explicitly outlined.

7.2.1. Non-amendable ticket

A non-amendable ticket is the one for which you cannot rebook the time/date of departure. During the booking process it will be stated if a ticket is non-amendable. For these tickets, the standard cancellation and rebooking policy does not apply.

7.2.2. Ticket rebooking 

A re-booking of a ticket, except for the non-amendable ones (see above), to any line sold on GetByFerry (unless otherwise stated during the checkout) is possible 24 hours prior to the departure time stated on the original ticket.

To re-book a ticket, the client has to log in on and SIGN in at the top right corner with a username and the password provided during the purchase process. The rebooking of the ticket is done via My Ticket area by using the issued VOUCHER CODE (if this option is enabled for the carrier you’ve selected as certain carriers do not allow this re-booking option).

Depending on the situation they were issued in, there are two types of vouchers:



1. PROMO VOUCHER is a discount code issued free of charge for marketing purposes only. This type of voucher is not related to a user account in any way and it can be used for the ticket purchase via the website according to the terms defined by the marketing campaign for which it was issued. During a single purchase it is possible to use up to one PROMO VOUCHER.  If the price of the chosen journey is higher than the value of the issued PROMO VOUCHER, the user should pay the price difference. If the price is lower, the remaining amount of the issued PROMO VOUCHER cannot be furtherly used. The PROMO VOUCHER is valid up to three months from the beginning of the marketing campaign unless otherwise stated in the terms of the marketing campaign itself.

The PROMO VOUCHER can not be exchanged for money, and can not be used to pay prior purchases.

2. REBOOKING VOUCHER is issued as an exchange for a purchased ticket with the purpose of rebooking. This type of voucher is exclusively linked to the user account used during the initial ticket purchase. The usage of REBOOKING VOUCHER is possible exclusively on the website or APP where the original purchase was made. The REBOOKING VOUCHER can be used to fully or partly buy a new ticket (e.g. other destinations, the change of departure time or date). During a single purchase it is possible to use up to one REBOOKING VOUCHER.  If the price of the new selected journey is higher than the value of the issued REBOOKING VOUCHER, the user should pay the price difference. If the price is lower, a new REBOOKING VOUCHER will be issued for the remaining amount. A REBOOKING voucher is valid up to 6 months from the purchase date of the originally paid ticket.

The REBOOKING VOUCHER can be exchanged for money with a fee stated under the Article 7.1.1. „Refund for purchased tickets“.

 7.3. Risk acceptance, disputes and liability

Complaints must be submitted to us within 10 days following the completion of transport service. Upon receiving a complaint regarding our services or any aspect thereof, we commit to addressing it promptly, ensuring a response is provided within 30 days from the date of receipt. Digital evidence from our servers will validate the timing of your complaint's arrival.

We pledge to process refunds to the credit card utilized for the original purchase within 30 days after we receive your written consent to our refund decision. This consent must be submitted within 10 days of our refund notification. It is essential to acknowledge that refunds are exclusively issued to the original payment credit card, and we are not liable for the funds once processed by the credit card issuer. We will keep documentation of the refund process, and evidence of the refund is available upon request.

Miscommunications, including but not limited to, typographical and other errors in the order form, do not automatically entitle you to a refund. Obvious errors, either on your part or ours, will not be considered contractually binding. In the event of complaints of death or personal injury resulting from activities that were part of your trip, we are responsible for paying reasonable compensation, in each case subject to all limitations set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, if the complaint is based on circumstances under our supervision, or under the supervision of our partner.

Unless otherwise stated in these General Terms and Conditions, Get By ApS shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, personal injury, or death that may result directly or indirectly from the use of our services. Furthermore, any liability on our part will be limited according to applicable international conventions.

If any dispute arises between you and Get By ApS, and both parties make reasonable efforts to resolve it, but that resolution fails, the court with jurisdiction over the headquarters of Get By ApS will have jurisdiction to resolve such a dispute.

You are expected to cooperate with us in securing any refunds we issue, as well as in pursuing compensation from third parties. Any rights to compensation from third-party legal liability incurred through our services are transferred from you to us, unless stipulated otherwise.

Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be found legally void, it does not affect the validity of the remainder. Any unenforceable provision will be immediately replaced with valid, enforceable terms that closely align with the original business intentions of these General Terms and Conditions.

 Article 8

Information on travel ticket prices is available on the website Online travel tickets can be paid by the following cards:

  • Maestro

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

Installment payment is not allowed.

Ticket reservations are not possible; only ticket purchase is allowed.

Article 9

Additional information 

For any additional questions on online ticket sales please contact

Get By ApS.

Klamsagervej 32

8230 Åbyhøj Denmark

VAT: 38902482

tel: 021 315 620

fax: 021 315 621

Article 10

Get By ApS can change these General terms according to its business politics and the appropriate legal obligations by the EU.

Article 11

These General terms are valid from the date of enactment and are available to the buyers on GetByFerry. Last Update: 30th of March, 2024

Article 12

3d secure safe internet shopping

Article 13

For all ferry tickets purchased via our Partners (specification below), General conditions stated on their pages apply. Get By ApS., as a Mediator in finding departures on its partners' pages, is in no way liable to Buyers for potential cancellations or departure modifications on purchased tickets by the Buyers themselves, as well as for cancellations, ferry delays or potential ferry schedule errors made by the Partner. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any damage caused by using our web page as a connection between You (the Buyer) and our Partners who offer the desired line which was not available in our offer.

Specification: lines with a blue button which says BUY TICKET are lines sold directly through our sale system; our General Terms and Conditions apply to those lines.

Lines with a blue button saying BUY TICKET above which you see BUY FROM XX are lines sold through our Partners' sale system; our Partners' General Terms and Conditions apply to these lines.

Please follow the terms and conditions stated during the checkout process.

Article 14


14.1.Cancellation fee 

A cancellation fee entails a charge equivalent to 20% of the total price of the purchased ticket, which is deducted upon cancellation.

Article 15

Get By ApS Services

In addition to the services provided by the Company as an intermediary of travel services, Get By ApS provides its own additional services. Before selecting any of these services, we recommend that you carefully read the relevant terms governing the Get By ApS service in question.

15.1. Premium Support

During the booking process, Get By ApS might provide you with the option to pay extra for access to the Premium Support service. The standard customer support services are provided to all bookings by default and are included in the Booking Fee (if any). If purchased for an additional fee specified in the booking process, Premium Support is offered to Users under the following conditions:

  • Requests from users with Premium Support will receive a higher priority compared to requests from Users with standard customer support, resulting in faster first response times and quicker resolutions.

  • Premium Support must be purchased during the booking process and cannot be added to the booking afterwards.

  • Premium Support is not cancellable or refundable; neither can be transferred to a new booking.

  • Premium Support is tied to the transaction it was purchased for. If the transaction includes multiple tickets, Premium Support is active for each of the tickets inside that transaction.

15.2. SMS Notifications
During the booking process, GetByBus might provide you with the option to pay extra for access to the SMS Notifications service. The standard notifications through email are provided to all bookings by default and are included in the Booking Fee (if any). If purchased for an additional fee specified in the booking process, SMS Notifications allow users to receive some notifications through SMS directly to the phone number that was specified on check order under the following conditions:
  • Phone number for receiving the SMS notifications cannot be changed after a successful purchase.
  • SMS Notifications must be purchased during the booking process and cannot be added to the booking afterwards.
  • SMS Notifications service is not cancellable or refundable; neither can be transferred to a new booking, unless there’s an issue with the service
  • GetByBus reserves the right to decide which notifications should be sent through SMS based on the use case, but not less than 2 SMS notifications per purchased service.


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